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"For a delicious musical treat: Take three young [people], pour in a liberal sense of adept musical timing, add hooks sharp enough to catch fish and fold in voices that go together like chocolate and peanut butter you will have the recipe for Kalliope Jones." ~ Tommy Byrnes, Upper Valley Music Festival

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Kalliope Jones (Alouette Batteau, Wes Chalfant, and Isabella DeHerdt) is a post-rock power trio of elven drum beats, driving guitar grooves, and deep, esophageal bass lines. Originally a folk-rock group, Kalliope Jones was formed in 2012 at the Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA) in Goshen MA and has since developed its soundscape to bend gender-genre-genius from r&b, pop punk, and alt indie. From sports references to blasphemy, nihilistic dance parties to sinful shenanigans, Kalliope Jones has yielded three distinguishable songwriting styles into a fusion that fabricates the fibers of cosmological being. Through confession and collaboration, the band has made its way to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, the Iron Horse Music Hall, the Wolftrap Center for Performing Arts, Club Passim, and most recently, Dar Williams’ River Roads Festival, where Kalliope Jones played alongside the likes of Amy Ray, Shawn Colvin, and Lisa Loeb. 


Kalliope Jones has been sonically compared to Annie DiRusso, HAIM, and boygenius, but continues to build new bridges across musical boundaries. At 22, 22, and 24, Kalliope Jones’ ever-heightening anti-solipsistic sophistication is imbued with emotional honesty and multifarious storytelling. 

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