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Bubblegum heart

I don’t wanna be busy every day

Working 24/7 for the perfect grades

I wanna take some time to just step out of line

Without having to throw it all away

I don’t wanna be the good kid anymore

I know you see me like a child

Listening through the door

But maybe just this once I’m gonna have some fun

I’m kinda tired of feeling like I’m a bore

Well I’ve saved up all my misdeeds

I’ve grown up but I still don’t know me

Bubblegum heart blows up ‘till it pops

And I once was terrified of

Never knowing how to make my mind up

I don’t wanna be responsible all the time

Spending every single second

Trying to make the climb

I wanna seize the day and maybe run away

But when I brought it up you said it was a crime

The widows watch the whalers walk to the sea

And I never wanted that to be me

The widows watch the whalers walk to the sea

I never wanted that I never wanted that

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