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Two weeks

She said I can’t love as hard

And maybe she’s right

Who knows how long I’ve known myself

Maybe it’s time I stepped into the light


But two weeks ago, I would have fallen at your feet

Given all my answers, hoping you would keep them

And two weeks ago, you would have taken all my chances

Burned them in the fire with all of your branches


I think we’re not so different

We both want someone to hold up the sky

I can’t bear that weight all alone

But we both know you and I

I really wish I knew you didn’t put me through this

on purpose

I really wish I knew you

Two weeks is too long to wait for you

And I’d rather you don’t speak

Unless what you said was true

I don’t think I have it in me to listen to

one more fuckin' apology

So make it a good one

You’ve got one word then I’m gone

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