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Turn and go

I stand before you with my palms outstretched

And frizzy hair

My jacket’s ripped up, boots are scuffed but

Baby hit the ground

Baby hit the ground



You stand before me with your half closed eyes

And street boy swears

Your music’s too loud, ego's too proud

Baby hit the ground

Baby hit the ground running

I say! Ok! Run into the fray

You know, I roll

With your style, babe

Cuz we don’t got, no we don't got

We don’t got the time for them

Turn and go

Turn and go

Turn and go, let 'em fold

We’ll go our own way

I’m running towards you with my nails bitten down

My shirt’s too tight

My headspace feels like a waste

Don’t be a cliche, baby


You fight the good fight

You say it’s alright

You smoke too much in the morning

You fall asleep fast

You can’t make much last

But baby Imma' fall

Baby, Imma' fall fast

So light me up just like you smoke a cigarette

And fold me like a deck of cards

Cuz I’m the queen of

Heart breaking

Love making

Darkness taking

Earth shaking me round

Hit the ground


I’ll rise before you like a phoenix from the ashes

This world ain’t that kind but oh so pretty

We can make it out

We can make it out

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