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I'm useless and I'm skinny 
But I'm extra weight
Got tiger eyes and I tell a good lie
They think I'm straight
Go and tell me that I'm ignorant
You don't have to tell me twice
Just cause I always listen when you think that you're right
My world is full of songs and lies
And empty grins
Grunge just doesn't cut it
When you're ruled by sin
Lipstick doesn't cover scars
You never knew were there
Secrets seem to disappear in games of truth or dare
I'm living a teenage nightmare
Who knows, I may not make it to the sunrise
I'm living just to get my fair share
And yet I'm stuck with the nightlight on
I'm walking down an empty road
My heart's in my through
The ink is dry, I lost my mind
Forgot what I wrote
So tell me, won't you hold me
When my knees go weak
Deceit in my pocket and your lips on my cheek
The water's wide, the sky is black
And I am alone
I'm slipping off my own two feet
And don't have a home
The door is closed, I lost the key
But I'm just fine
I'll never know the truth because the world keeps me blind
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