‘Cause you’re an Icarus flying away

Never a Hercules saving the day

And sometimes you echo things

That don’t regard you anyway

If I had a dime

Even a penny for every time

You said you lived a melancholic life

I’d be rich as a king with a queen who could sting
You’ve learned to kindly kill

All the things that take out the thrill

But you still have to run uphill

‘Cause sometimes it’s still fun to get burned by the sun

So do not bite me

‘Cause you’re looking for a pack

Of wolves to run away with y

You’re not coming back

Now you’re throwing grenades

‘Cause you just have to get your way

Wish you had bolder things to say

Than “I’m living on the edge so it’s a disadvantage”
You told a little lie

So they’re hanging you out to dry

‘Cause they didn’t know you could fly

Past the silly little things, so they are taking your wings