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You’re stressing me out, I gotta hit the deck

If I could change your mind I’d be a little less frantic

You better let me go, don’t try and try again

We might as well be strangers walking through the sunset

I met a girl named Nebraska and I’m hoping she’s not comatose

People are scared to ask her if she likes to be alone

Nothing to say but she’s like a craze 

They all flock to see the latest trend

But when they meet her she is stuck in a daze

‘Cause there’s nothing left to defend

You’re too afraid, I’m not afraid

To hold up the lane, they’re coming through

I should’ve stayed but instead

I'm just scared of staying young

And scared of getting old

Look at the way you're falling out

Of orbit daily, it’s a roundabout

I should’ve stayed

I met a girl named Nebraska and she don’t know wack about love

She wears pink tutus and leather, they say she’s a gift from above

She’s out a-walking in the dark night

As a wolf comes a’creeping by

It licks Its lips and steps into the light

And there’s nothing left to deny

Oh my lord, the heat’s rising

And I can’t afford this analyzing

So oh my my, my heart’s pounding

And I’m left out to dry

I met a girl named Nebraska with her soul as black as the night

She puts on makeup to mask the fact she can put up a fight

Scared of staying young and scared of getting old

Without you

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