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Summer girl

She said "Summer girl, slip into something warm.

Stay cool, let the sweat drip all over the floor.

Count the ways I could hope to deliver you.

Out of your summer girl daze."


She said "Summer girl, my eyes are like the sea.

Don’t think, just jump, then get lost in me.

Thought we’d ride out the time like a tidal wave.

Trapped in my summer girl daze."


Oh shit, that’s it, you’re a part of me now

I can try to burn you out but you’re making me drown

Left, right, full stop, can't get rid of your voice

Writing down our history but you're background noise

In my head

Can't get you out of my head

Stuck in my head

Stuck to the pavement and my bed


She said "Summer girl, you're not quite like the rest.

Deep breath, exhale, with your head on my chest.

Said you wanna hear my heart keep on beating.

The rhythm of summer girl days"

I say "Summer girl, shouting into the sky.

Can't tell if your hand's even holding mine.

I just wanna feel my feet on the ground again.

Out of my summer girl daze."

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