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Motor baby

Motor baby, follow me down

Down to the hallowed land

Where the wind might shake you

But it’ll carry you home

Motor baby, follow the sound

Of an old swinging bluegrass band

Where the soul will take you

And it’ll lead you home


She’s a lover, she’s on fire

She’s got me dancin’ tonight

And her love, it takes me higher

Now I’ve seen the light

She sings


Hey Mr. Lonesome

I think I might wanna stay

And you could be my honey for a while

I’ll be something someday

I ain’t got nothing to lose

But I think that I’d drop dead if I lost you

Motor baby, load up them rounds

In the guitar your daddy played

Fire off your music into the night


Just maybe, with your roots in the ground

You could be saved

But the moss that you’re growin’

Don’t match your rolling ways

And she sings

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