Don't Mind

Your shoes, they're covered in mud
Your hands, they are the color of blood
Your eyes, they show no fear
But I can see that it's in there
Your soul, it's crumbling down
Your mind is not making a sound
Your lies, they're all that I have
It won't be offensive if you tell me tell me that's bad
But when I looked across the water
You and I were gonna be slaughted
But I don't mind, I don't mind
If you say
We're not running today
Your trace, it's lost in the sand
Your voice, I don't need to understand
Your keys are to the wrong door
I won't wait around
'Cause I got nothing to answer for
So do you wanna run around
And say that you're about to drown
'Cause I don't want to listen anymore
The water's warm and fairly shallow
Yet we still think we're all hallow
And it's all boiled away