You walk in the cold
Your shoes are muddy but you aren't bold
You always flee from the fight 
And when it's quiet you're convinced it's not alright
You'll find your gold and stories untold
We'll watch the flowers flying out of the sea
And wonder what the heck you're going to be 
Why did you have to leave me here
When all the leaves were streaming like tears
I'd sail the ocean 'cause you asked that of me
But when the salt boils down, I have to cut my boat free
The secret stars seem to say
Oh why can't you stay with me
Don't get me wrong I'd hate to be alone but
When the grass calls my name
I know it's time to go home
You know I'm sharp as a tack
And once I'm rolling there's no going back
You try to follow me into the sky but
As far as I know I'm the only one who can fly 
I let the waves wash my feet
And all I've learned is that life's not spice and sweet
There's too much salt and too much dirty air but
I know as long as it takes, I'm gonna get there